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NCFRP is an integral division of Pain and Rehabilitative Consultants Medical Group. We have designed a system that will assist patients in the processing of authorizations and documentation. For the convenience of our patients and clients, we have made our services available under one roof. In addition to that, our expansive administrative support teams are highly trained and will make the authorization and reporting processes the most efficient way possible.

  • Our dedicated administrative support teams will work with insurance carriers to obtain needed authorizations
  • All parties will be notified of our interdisciplinary plan of care within 10 days of the evaluation.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan report will be provided to attorneys, insurers and primary care providers.
  • Weekly status reports will be provided to treating physicians, attorneys and insurance carriers
  • Weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings are open to insurance carriers, primary treating physicians, and case managers.
  • Final reports will outline progress, work status, and recommendations regarding future medical care needs.
  • A formal rating report and/or a medical cost projection can be completed upon request and authorization
  • Daily healthy food provision to patients for convenience and as part of their education

In 2013, NCFRP conducted an Outcomes Measure study across multiple dimensions of the program.

NCFRP outcomes include multiple functional measures, medication usage, pre/post-employment status, and multiple measures of pain-related psychological functioning.

SUMMARY: Patients completing the Northern California Functional Restoration Program (NCFRP) evidence clinically-significant improvement across multiple dimensions of functionality, reduction of pain opioid use, and psycho-social/psychological functioning. For NCFRP participants that sought employment post-program, a significantly high percentage of them were successful.

  • 24% average reduction in opioid usage post-NCFRP
  • 71% of those completing NCFRP return to some type of work
  • 96% of patients are Permanent & Stationary post program
  • Significantly improved physical functioning
  • Improved emotional well-being; including depressive and anxiety-related symptoms
  • Improved experiential functioning: better participation in activities-of-daily living
  • Greater participation in desired social activities
  • Greater quality of interactions with significant others
  • Have reduced reliance on Opioid medications and other pain-related medications
  • Have significantly high return-to-work rate and adaptive changes to Permanent & Stationary status

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