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To date, over 100 studies have been published in the medical literature characterizing the unique benefits of interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation. Patients who have exhausted medical and surgical treatments and continue to have Chronic Pain and dysfunction would be an eligible candidate for Functional Restoration. Psychological co-morbidities are frequently present in Chronic Pain patients and are addressed during the program.

Patients who have failed multiple therapies, have changed physicians in search of an answer, who continually receive higher and higher amounts of narcotic medications, who have lost hope, are depressed, angry and isolated should be considered for an interdisciplinary program.

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2nd, Chapter 6, edition clearly advocates use of interdisciplinary treatment programs in chronic pain cases. (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2nd ED. Pgs. 92 & 114).

“In 2013, NCFRP conducted an Outcome Measures Study across multiple dimensions of the program. The study includes multiple functional measures, medication usage, pre/post-employment status, and multiple measures of pain-related psychological functioning.” 

Read more about the study in our Outcomes Summary Report.

When treatment options have been exhausted and your patient has no resolution in sight to his ongoing complaints of pain and disability, it may be time to consider a referral to the Northern California Functional Restoration Program.

Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our friendly providers today regarding the benefits of Functional Restoration and discover how our dedicated bi-lingual administrative support staff can help you and your patient with authorizations processing and accommodations.

  • A post-program appointment is scheduled with the Primary Treating Physician, immediately after the program.
  • Patients are discharged back to the referring or Primary Treating Physician or can be transferred care to our practice depending on the Primary Treating Physician’s preference.
  • Weekly status updates will be provided to the referring physician.
  • Weekly comprehensive reports will be provided to treating physicians and insurance carriers.
  • Weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings are open for participation of the primary treating or referring physician, case managers and insurance carriers.
  • All parties will be notified of our interdisciplinary plan of care within 10 days of the evaluation.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan report will be provided to insurers and primary care providers.
  • Our dedicated administrative support staff will work with insurance carriers to obtain needed authorizations.
  • Final reports will outline progress, work status, and recommendations regarding future medical care needs.
  • A formal rating report and/or a medical cost projection can be completed upon request and authorization.
  • Daily healthy food provision to patients for convenience and as part of their education.

We look forward to working with you and your patients!