Success Stories

“I learned to be more mindful and positive . Although I now have limitations, I do what I can and take breaks in between all the different ways to manage my pain. Dr. B is great, her material is very informative. Dr. Lo helped me out a lot, he explained what I can and probably shouldn’t do to aggravate my lower back.”
– Patient


“I am very grateful with all the doctors and personnel that gave us their time and knowledge for all the tools we need to keep moving forward to solve each problem.”                                                                                                                                – Patient


“We appreciate all the information that the instructors have given us. We have learned how to overcome the pain by using the least as possible of pills for the pain and we are grateful for their hard work.”                                                                     – Patient


“From the initial contact and throughout the entire program there was a high level of expertise and professionalism that emphasized the gravity of PAIN. They sent me back into the world with a state of awareness, I wish I had been exposed to all of the things I learned at NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FUNCTIONAL RESTORATION PROGRAM many years ago. I had no idea what I was up against. I can’t thank the staff enough for teaching me the skills from breathing techniques,nutrition, posture and also meditation. Foods too avoid that trigger pain as well as diets that prevent inflammation. i cannot thank Laura physical therapist enough. She gave me the strength and courage to keep going and feel good about myself. Thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s been a very long difficult and challenging battle for me through the years. But thanks to the perseverance of all of you and myself the story has a happy ending! Not to mention the professionalism, expertise, empathy and caring that all of you have shown. You’ll never know how all you’ve done is so greatly appreciated. It’s difficult to describe a gift as wonderful as giving someone back herself. I understand. Sincerely and with gratitude. The tools I’ve learned I have and will use in my daily living …In regards to Dr. Morley and doctor visits excellent doctor I’ve never encountered any problems whatsoever in the facility nor with the front office staff I find the staff very professional.”



“An awesome program to help all those in pain to move forward and reclaim their life back!”
– Patient


“This program served to help return my body to near its pre – injury condition. I truly feel that this program should be mandatory for every injured worker. I cannot recommend this program enough.”
– Patient


“I genuinely appreciate the support and love of all the staff here. I want to thank you for giving me my life back physically but most definitely mentally.” – Patient


“Before I came through these doors I was isolated in my house, petrified of answering my door or my phone. When I found out I would be in the FRP program for 6 weeks I did not think it would work for me. The day before graduation I was a changed man….I was open both physically and mentally with the group. Every day was a new day with the group and the providers. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me next. By the time the program ended I was very open to so many things and was taught to carry what I was taught to the outside world. I look forward to my new life with my daughter and the help I will still receive to help me grow.” – Patient


“Through the NCFRP I have gained the knowledge to better understand not only my injury but my relationship with my pain. When I first entered the program I was hopeful, yet skeptical on how the NCFRP would benefit me. After six weeks, I have better understanding about what is happening to my body and a multitude of ways to help alleviate my pain in a healthy, sage way. I leave here unafraid of my pain and my future with the skills I have learned and adopted here. Thank you NCFRP.” – Patient


“I feel strongly about this program. I will recommend to anyone with work related injury to complete this program. The FRP taught me how to express my feelings along with proper names of body parts in order to correctly handle conferences-court hearing and to AQME, or Judge. The program also taught me proper ways to exercise, eat better, relation techniques, and of course how to navigate through some of the problems with workers regulations with understanding.
I thank the entire staff at FRP for all the excellent help with my life struggles. Thank you for teaching me ways other than to use oral medications to deal with pain.” – Patient


“When I, Andre R Williams first entered this program (FRP) I was afraid and confused, scared and had lots of trust issues. I started September 20, 2013 and was like a child starting the first day of school. I had no answers. All I did was show up each and every day by the grace of God.”

“As the days increased and the knowledge flows, I’ve learned to love Andre more and more. WE as injured workers were blessed to be a part of fascinating course, “God don’t make mistakes”. I appreciate the director: Dr. Jessie Ghannam. May God bless both the staff, and FRP 4-ever, and a day.” – Patient


“Originally, applied to this program to help me wean off the pain medication Norco. After several failed attempts on my own the only reason for attending FRP. Even before my first day Dr. Ghannam and Dr. Lo had a treatment plan to tyrate medication off Norco completely and transition to Bufenorphine. After 6 weeks, .2mg and going. 6 weeks off Norco, success.

Attending the program was more than getting off my meds, I had turned off the light, retired, put out to pasture.

Graduation, 6 weeks later the light is back on moving to another life, using the program’s information.” – Patient


“If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about coming to the Functional Restoration Program. If you come and stay till the end it will change you in so many good ways. Most of group made it to the end and the experience of sharing this with so many other people are in pain and know on the deepest level what it’s like to be you. To be a angry or depressed and isolated that all you can do is lie in bed and watch TV or you feel like you’re brain dead and can’t remember or cope with anything or if you feel that workers comp, your job, lawyer, Doctors, and everyone else has done everything they could to make your life hell you’ll be in sympathetic company. If you feel like your family and friends don’t understand and are pulling away you’ll find kindness and understanding in this program. It’s a very hard program and you’ll come home every night exhausted but somewhere around midway you’ll realize that you’ve gained so much information, feel stronger, are making real friends and that the old you is starting to show up again. The most wonderful think for is that there’s a real spirit of kindness, generosity, and lack of judgment from everyone working here. Also the instructors are so vareed and so knowledgeable. Nutrition, body mechanics, works comp info, guided meditation, relaxation method, stretching and movement and an incredible PT staff who understands what pain does to the body and how to get stronger without hurting yourself more. There’s so much more I could say. I just hope you’ll believe a stranger who’s telling you that this program will be a God send for you like its been for me and all the other members in my group. I wish you the best.” – Patient


“When I came in this program I thought, this program was just like the rest. All talk and no substance. I was ready to go back home and watch TV like I always do when in pain. Go in a shell. This program really changed my life and got me out my house and hideaway shell. The pain is still here, but I now can somehow still function with the pain.” – Patient